Pet Degree

2070 Clinton St., Buffalo, NY 14203

Pet Degree is so new, that not only the website but also the building are still under construction. They are in a "soft opening" phase and have not done any advertising, but they are currently holding classes and playgroups. Check out the schedule here, and click the "week" button to see what is happening for the entire week.

Cost per playgroup is $7.50.

Currently, playgroup times are:
Wednesdays 6:30pm - Small Dogs
Wednesdays 7:30pm - Medium & Large Dogs
Saturdays 12pm - Medium & Large Dogs
Saturdays 1pm - Small Dogs

If you plan to come to a playgroup, make sure to:

  • Create an account on the website
  • Print and fill out the Facility Policy, Vaccine Policy and Media Release forms
  • Register online for each single playgroup that you attend. If you purchase a package of playgroups, you only need to pre-register prior to that first playgroup of the package. This ensures you will get alerts via email should a change or cancellation occur in dates and times. (To assist you with the registration, call Dani at 716-508-7387, she will walk you through registration.)

The building was formerly owned by Ray's Catering, so don't be concerned when you see their name on the building. The entrance for playgroups is on the side, facing Cochrane Street, where there is street parking available.

Facebook Group: Canine Playgroups of Buffalo

K-9 Kids Club

450 Niagara Falls Blvd, Tonawanda, NY 14223

Notable features: rubbery floor makes play safer, emphasis on positive training methods, experienced staff

K-9 Kids Club is a doggy daycare in Tonawanda.

In addition to daycare, boarding and obedience classes, they've just started offering playgroups. Ren and I attended their first small dog playgroup session, and he of course, had a great time. He happily greeted staff member Becca, remembering her from previous playgroup facilities she's worked at - and we know that her extensive experience with training and managing dog play will be an asset here.

Update 1/15/17: K-9 Kids Club no longer offers indoor playgroups, but are still doing daycare, boarding and classes. You can also rent the facility for $20 per hour - so if you have some friends who can share the cost, you can have your own private "playgroup" session by renting the space yourselves.

For daycare and boarding, there are separate spaces for the size groups. There is also a fenced outdoor area, for when dogs want to enjoy the nice weather or when nature calls. And if nature calls inside, the rubbery floor cleans up easily.

K-9 Kids Club Facebook page
Daycare Rates

A Pawsitive Experience

6440 Schultz Road, Hamburg Township, NY 14085

Notable features: Home-based facility, outdoor spaces for playgroups

A Pawsitive Experience is a home-based facility, offering daycare, boarding, playgroups and a variety of obedience classes. Owner Susan Ferry's property is fully licensed, zoned and insured, and she has impeccable credentials: she has over 30 years of training experience, has written a book chapter on dog play, helped to create national standards for dog daycare, and is certified in pet first aid.

Ren came to a Pawsitive Experience to check out the playgroup, known as "Happy Hour." All dog sizes attend at the same time, but are divided by size as needed, based on the comfort level of the dogs and owners. Since Ren is is sometimes defensive around much larger dogs, we stayed with a group of smaller breeds - first on a wooden deck in the yard, and then moving to a covered area when it began to rain lightly. The larger dogs played in a fenced area with a gravel floor and objects to climb/jump on. Check out some more photos here and here. This Happy Hour session included some dogs that were boarding, some that were attending a class afterwards, and some, like Ren, that had just come for the playtime.

Unique classes are available such as "Family Companion," teaching coping skills, social interaction and management. P.A.W.S. (Puppy Adaptation to World Stimuli) provides targeted real-life experiences that are difficult for working owners to provide.

A Pawsitive Experience website
Facebook page

All Dawgs Academy

363 Delaware St. Tonawanda NY 14150

All Dawgs Academy offers dog playgroups and classes. Ren and I attended a playgroup session at their previous location. There was a gate in one corner of the room, setting aside an area for dogs that were shy or low energy. Since the small dog group goes up to 35/40 pounds, that meant that some of the dogs were several times larger than Ren, so I started with him behind the gate for a few minutes.

But Ren was eager to see what everyone else was doing, so after a few minutes, we went out into the main area. He really enjoyed himself. All Dawgs academy also offers a variety of classes, not only in obedience, but also agility and conformation.

All Dawgs Academy website
Playgroup Facebook group
Video of a playgroup session

Canine & Company

5952 Transit Road, Depew, NY 14043

Edited on 7/1/14 to add: Playgroups are on hold indefinitely. We do not know yet if, or when, they will resume, but will update this listing when we find out..

If you spend much time driving on Transit Road in Depew, you've probably seen the sign for Canine & Company, a facility that's been around since 1998, and at its current location since 2001.

There are two main buildings along Transit Road. For playgroups, park by the one on the left (your left while facing them), and then walk around behind that to the dedicated playgroup building. This building is also completely enclosed by a fence, so that if a dog should run out the door, or be taken out for a potty break, there is no chance of them getting lost. While there, I spoke to a member of staff about daycare, and she told me that they have several different play areas, so that dogs can not only be grouped by size, but also play style.

Canine & Company website
Facebook page
"It's all about the animals at Canine & Company in Depew" - WNY Metro Source, June 05, 2012

A Joyful Dog

1599 Kenmore Ave., Buffalo, NY 14217

Notable features: personalized training during daycare

Edited on 6/3/14 to add: Playgroups are on hold for the summer. We will update again when they resume in fall.

While "A Joyful Dog" is a new facility, the three owners all have years of experience in caring for dogs. Here they provide daycare, boarding, obedience classes and playgroups. The playgroups are divided into 2 types: "Puppy Prep," for dogs 3-6 months old, is free. "Hello Doggie," for dogs 6 months and older, has a suggested donation of $5 for local rescues. There are 2 rooms for playgroups, allowing them to be divided by size if needed. When Ren has come to playgroup, the rooms have sometimes been divided if there is a large size disparity, and sometimes combined if the size difference is not so great and there is a smaller number of dogs.

A Joyful Dog also provides a service I haven't seen before at similar locations - personalized training while at daycare, based on your dogs individual needs! If your dog has a specific training need that you'd like help with, the staff can work with him/her while at daycare, such as teaching an obedience skill or even a fun trick.

Group obedience classes of different levels are also offered, including a unique one: "Preparing for Baby," which helps dogs and pet parents prepare for a new baby.

A Joyful Dog website
Facebook page

Fetch n' Catch

6517 Transit Road, Suite #1, Bowmansville, NY 14026
Notable Features: 
huge size; rubbery floor

Playgroups are on hold indefinitely. We will update if/when they resume.

Fetch n' Catch opened in 2012, and provides a variety of services to dogs and their humans. They have weekly playgroups, at which Ren is a regular. Currently they only offer playgroups for small dogs, 30 pounds and under. The playgroup room is large and has a rubbery floor for safety & easy cleanup. During the warmer months, the doors are opened to a fenced-in play area outside as well. There are daycare and boarding services as well, which use the same room during the day. Fetch n' Catch has an on-site groomer, and you can even make an appointment for your dog to be bathed/groomed while at daycare, saving you an extra trip.

In addition, there is an indoor pool which is heated! And last but not least, obedience classes are offered too.

Fetch n' Catch may be a bit hard to find if you've never been there before - they are in the Bella Vista Plaza, located behind Lancaster Storage on Transit Road.

Fetch n' Catch website
Facebook page
Hafner Financial Group - "Client Spotlight: Proud Dad Invests Doggy Day Care Business"

Dog Days of Buffalo

632 Amherst Street Buffalo, NY 14207

Dog Days of Buffalo is a little bit of everything. They have daycare, boarding, obedience classes and playgroups. Right now, the playgroups, known as "Puppy Parties" are only open to dogs 6 months and under. Due to space limitations they do not currently have any other playgroups, but that may change in the future.

Ren is a graduate of several of their obedience classes. They offer a wide variety of topics, including walking on a leash, tricks, and preparation for the Canine Good Citizen test.

Dog Days of Buffalo Website
"'Dog Days of Buffalo' to reopen" - Buffalo Business First, September 18, 2009

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